Visually powerful, intellectually elegant and above all, timeless.

The Project

Mary Trimmins

Project Member


The Diego Voci rediscovery movement began in 2008 with a simple question on Artifact Collectors, an online Art forum.  “Are there any Diego painting owners out there...I have 5 and would like to chat with anyone who has some".

The Diego Voci Project was born.

Meet Our Team

Coop Cooprider



“Coop” Cooprider knew and collected Diego's since the mid 1960's.  

Coop was viscerally and passionately drawn to Diego’s Art.

Coop knew that Diego had a distinctive style, worthy of international recognition and acclaim, and his certainty in this regard has never wavered. 


Helga Voci

Diego Voci Estate


Helga Voci, sole owner of the Diego Voci Estate, has promoted the art, creativity and legacy of  Diego Voci over the past thirty years and continues to do so today through The Diego Voci Project.

To learn more about Helga and Diego's life, click here:


 Lisa Camargo

Research Archiving


An Art Major with a Corporate Marketing background Lisa is the "anchor" in the San Diego office.

Kami Cooprider

Research Assistant


Coop’s daughter grew up with Diego paintings on their walls and stories of her father’s days with Diego in Germany. 

The purpose of The Diego Voci Project is to “showcase”, promote and preserve the creative works of Diego who passed away without the world realizing the full measure of his talents or creative keep his works alive and through them to inspire, provoke, entertain and enliven us.


Diego was truly passionate about his art as can be seen though all of his works and his passion is shared throughout the world with his many supporters.




We celebrate Diego in recognition of a vast and prolific career for the many collectors that were touched by the product of Diego’s mind's eye and the warmth of his good nature. He lived and breathed his Art. Of the estimated ten thousand plus pieces he painted we proudly present a small sampling herein.



Stephen Max

Canadian Connection


As the representative for the Canadian Diego Collectors Stephen authored the first book featuring the art of Diego titled The Beauty of Diego a 147 page hard cover coffee table book

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